Rescue Dogs seeking forever homes (Swok)

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Okay, so giving this a try. We are trying to relocate from NC to Lawton.
I know Lawton has a dog limit and I have over that limit. I really need to find my rescued dogs great homes. I've been trying for over a year to get them rehomed in NC. So I was hoping maybe I'd be able to find homes for them out there and just bring them with us and meet up. This way I could see them occasionally cause I do love them and don't want to rehome them but I need to.
So here I'll tell a little about them. I attached some pics. I don't have one of Bailey. The pic of Braxx and Whiskey is an older pic when they were pups.

Also anybody who adopt one or more if them I'll even offer discounted dogwalks or pet sitting for them.

Bear and Riley are brothers. They are 2yrs old. Just had Rabies vaccines. Must have a fenced yard as they are a little shy due to being a bit undersocialized. But they are super sweet and smart. They do need worked with on a leash right now they are terrified of it and buck up when put on one. They are used to sleeping in a huge crate together at night. They are Pitbull/Black Mouth Cur mixes. Bear will sit for a treat when you ask him to(once he is comfortable with you) Riley likes to play bite but isn't rough he just mouths you. They both are kissy boys.

Jasper is a really shy boy but once he gains your trust he is a lover. He will bark at first and run away but loves treats and jerky. He is I think 3yrs old. Just had Rabies vaccine. He's a sweet boy if given the chance. He needs a fenced yard. He hasn't been on a leash very much but should pick up on it quickly. He is a Pitbull/Black Mouth Cur mix.

Hazel is a special girl. She is a senior Chihuahua mix. Her previous owners dumped her in town she is deaf and visually impaired. She needs a fenced yard. She's a sweet old soul with old injuries that are healed but she has permanent head tilt and a limp/unsteady gait but don't let that fool you if she spots the door open she can run like the wind! She thrives on routine. She is a bit of a barker at first until she gets in a routine.

Bailey is a special girlie. She is shy but does well with routine. She does have some skin issues if she gets stressed or gets a flea she will lose her coat. She has what I believe is demodex not confirmed yet as my current vet is booked out for a couple months. She is a very smart girl who thrives on routine. She knows 2 tasks she will sit for a treat and touch my palm with her nose before eating her food. I love this sweet girl. She sleeps in a crate at night. She does need a fenced yard since she is shy. She is 2yrs old and pitbull/black Mouth cur mix.

Braxx and Whiskey are around 5yrs old. They have had some major health decline due to a bad case of hookworms and an infection from them. So they do look rough right now but they are gaining the weight back slowly. They are crate trained. They are awesome boys. But they do have a few quirks. Must be fed in seperate crates as they will scrap over food. No cats or other dogs as they could hurt them. They are pitbull/black mouth cur mixes. So the cur gives them a high prey drive. They will need fenced yard(preferably a 6ft fence as Whiskey is a jumper) so they don't roam. Whiskey is the more outgoing boy, Braxx is a little more reserved.

Reina is a chocolate and white pitbull mix. She is super sweet and smart. Needs a home with NO cats and no other dogs. She may be fine with a neutered male dog her size or larger.
She is not spayed yet. She deserves a home where she can have the attention she deserves.

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